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Go GREEN With SKiN&BLiSS Campers

Eco-Friendly Adventure Holidays In The UK

Our daring triple act, Grape, Berry and Rhubarb, are ready to take you on an adventure in your own backyard - and beyond. Pick up our Essex VW Campervans from our base near Chelmsford, and take them wherever you want to go. Camp out under the stars, visit the beach, or even whisk them away to mainland Europe. Whatever your dream adventure trip, our VW campervans are here for it.

Forget flights - travelling by campervan is the best way to holiday. There’s no waiting around for luggage carousels and airport transfers when you’re itching to get your holiday underway. And best of all, campervan holidays are way more eco-friendly than your standard flight fare.

The Carbon Footprint Of Your Campervan Holiday

You’re welcome to take our campervans anywhere you like across the UK and Europe. We’ve worked out the carbon footprint of travelling to and from some of our most popular destinations by campervan, starting at our base near Chelmsford, Essex:

  • Southend-On-Sea: 0.02 tons CO2e (60 miles)

  • Norfolk Broads: 0.09 tons CO2e (220 miles)

  • Lake District: 0.22 tons CO2e (554 miles)

  • Penzance: 0.27 tons CO2e (678 miles)

By comparison, flights for a family of four to fly to Italy emit 2 tons of carbon dioxide - while flights to Florida will emit 9 tons. And trust us - a campervan holiday can be way more fun than a trip to Disneyworld.

How Can You Offset Your Carbon Footprint?

Be a super conscientious traveller by offsetting your carbon footprint before, after, or during your trip. Get the kids involved by contributing to a local tree planting project, or keep things simple by paying into a global carbon offsetting programme.

SKiN&BLiSS campers are now proud to be a sponsor of ESSEX WILDLIFE TRUST. The Trust is the county’s leading conservation charity, committed to protecting wildlife and inspiring a lifelong love of nature. EWT manage nature reserves and discovery parks across the county, providing outstanding outdoor education and preserving places of wonder.

Founded in 1959 by volunteers, they protect over 8,400 acres of land across 87 sites and are supported by 39,000 members. Our climate is in crisis and our species face extinction. The natural world needs our help. Together we can protect the future.

How Can You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint On The Road?

Go green - and stay green - on your adventure holiday with these top tips.

Drive Efficiently

Did you know that driving at the speed limit could save 0.6 tons of carbon dioxide emissions? That’s the equivalent of taking a trip to Penzance and back - three times! Stick to the speed limit and don’t leave your engine running unnecessarily.

Do Carbon Neutral Activities

Adventure activities like cycling, hiking and kayaking are fun for kids and adults alike - and they’re totally carbon neutral. Find gorgeous nature trails nearby and take a family stroll through the forest.

Choose Organic Produce

Whether you prefer to cook in the comfort of your campervan, or head out to a local eatery, choose organic, UK-made food and drink. Local organic food tends to have a much lower carbon footprint than regular grub, so it’s a great way to minimise emissions on your trip.

Ready To Meet Your New Travel Buddy?

Grape, Berry & Rhubarb are ready and waiting to whisk you off on your next adventure! With coffee, cookware and insurance included in the price, and everything from bedding to bike racks to kayaks available to hire, we’re excited to supply everything you need for a fantastic eco-friendly holiday adventure.


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