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River Adventures on the River Wye

If you are looking for River Adventures in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, then checkout out Hereford Kayaks & Canoes @ Byecross Campsite in Preston-on-Wye.

Hereford to SKiN&BLiSS Campers is the best part of 4 hours driving. The Campsite has everything you will need - great food, local pub, clean showers, lovely orchard for camping & of course the River Wye and Kayaks.

The Campsite is very relaxed & only cost £12 per person. (oh plus a pound for the shower) Super clean pitches, very quiet & a great pizza oven (but you might have to pre-order). The obvious plus point about Camping here is the location to the River Wye & the availability of the Kayaks. So, arrive, open a beer, relax & then hit the River.

Byecross Farm Campsite

River Adventures on the Wye

The Campsite is just outside of Hereford & sits right on the River Wye so is perfect if you just want to explore the River Banks or even better speak to Sam at Hereford Kayaks & Canoes & rent a boat for the day (or two) & explore the River Wye up close.

Sam will drop you a few miles up River and then its all down to you to make it back to Byecross Farm. Dont worry, they provide life jacket & dry bag and also give you clear instructions so you are totally equipped for your adventure.

Stopping off on the way for lunch on the River Bank & taking in the bird life makes the trip heavenly. It's not as strenuous as you might imagine. We got dropped off up river & paddled back to the campsite which took around 2 hours. They also offer paddle boarding.

It's also possible to do overnight trips with drop offs and collections. So you can leave your Campervan at the Campsite, head off up river, paddle back down & camp overnight at Byecross Farm. Them head off the following day for more adventures until Sam collects you & brings you back to Camp. Check out their website for more information

Byecross Farm is less than an hour from Hay-on-Wye. Serious walking & MTB territory. We hired bikes from Drover Cycles & then took them up the Begwn Hills on with the help of Berry & the Bike Rack

Berry VW Campervan with Bike Rack

Mountain Biking on the Begwns

Drover Cycles also do guided tours & the quality of the bikes they have for rental are superb. Much needed, if like me, you need some help climbing them hills!!


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