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The Essentials for a Magical Campervan Weekend Break

Whether you’re venturing out into the wilds or heading off to your favourite luxury campsite, there are a few essentials you should always have with you. One of the joys of glamping is getting back to nature, but there’s no point in not being comfortable – that’s one of the reasons we prefer VW Campervans to tents!

Fresh Coffee

Just because you’ve slept in a field with a stunning view you can still wake up and smell the coffee! I’ve seen a few different ‘no heat source required’ espresso solutions over the years but as we’re in a Campervan with a hob and hot water, why compromise? Load your VEEDUB with your preferred coffee solution, be it a French Press or stove top coffee pot. I use a pour over filter cone – they’re cheap, simple, durable and the filter paper makes it dead easy to get rid of the grounds. None of these take up much cupboard space. But just in case you forget, don't worry SKiN&BLiSS Campers provide the fresh coffee & the cafetière so you won't have to go without the perfect start to the day


Nothing adds to the ambience of al fresco living as much as a selection of nice mellow tunes…or psych yourself up for that gnarly mountain descent with some adrenaline pumping big beats. We’ve all got smartphones packed full of music so make sure your van can connect to your phone. This can be as simple as an analogue cable or a Bluetooth link. If you’re renting a van be sure to check this out before you hire. If your stereo is old school, take your Bluetooth speaker with you. I like the Bose SoundLink Mini – a small unit with big sound. But remember to consider your camping neighbours, they may be prefer an early night!

Inflatable Awning

Whether its extra sleeping accommodation for kids or mates; additional daytime living space; or just somewhere to stow all your leisure gear – awnings are indispensable, especially if you’re staying in the same spot for a few days. But they can be time consuming to erect and this can put people off. This is where inflatable awnings come into their own. They inflate in minutes using an electric pump powered from your van’s 12v socket and take the yawning out of erecting awnings! SKiN&BLiSS Campers have Vango Inflatable Awnings in both of their Campervans....RELAX!!

Inflatable Awning for VW Campervan

Pop Top Thermal Wrap

If you’re sticking the kids in the pop top overnight then a thermal wrap is where its at. Most pop tops side walls are constructed from thin tent type material, fine in the summer (well, most of the summer) but if you want to maximise your camping calendar, you’ll want a thermal wrap around your Pop Top. They’re quick to fit, they’ll minimise your heat loss in colder climes and will keep the kids toasty warm.

Bike Rack

My camper will fit one or two bikes inside and when I’m heading out into the hills for a day’s cycling, I’ll often just sling a bike in the back – that’s why my daily is a van rather than a car! But when I’m away camping with my wife, we’ll have enough gear packed without also trying to squeeze a bike inside. And that’s without adding kids into the mix. An exterior bike rack is the way to go and though you can get racks that clip or more permanently fix onto your tailgate, I’m all about the lack of fuss so I prefer a tow bar mounted option. These racks fit onto the tow bar in less than a minute and the bikes are dead easy to load with very little lifting. And compared to a tailgate rack there’s a lot less chance of scratching your van’s shiny paintwork. Again..relax, SKiN&BLiSS Campers have it covered - we have a 4 bike 'bike rack' available to hire if your heading out riding for the weekend.

Propex Heater

Once you’ve felt the benefits of a Propex Heater, you’ll never want to be without one. They provide your camper with wonderfully warm blown air heating and are so much safer than naked flame gas heating appliances. They should be professionally installed so they’re not a cheap solution. But if you’re hiring a camper for your next trip away, then make sure it has a Propex Heater to ensure a happy, toasty holiday. You guessed it..both of our Campervans come equipped with Propex Heaters.

Thermal Screen Cover

Newly purchased..both SKiN&BLiSS Campervans are now proud owners of external Thermal screen covers from Rainbow Screens. These not only look great but they also keep the warmth in & prevent condensation on the inside of the screen. PHEW!!

Quality Cooking & Eating Utensils

We make sure that everything in your VW Campervan is top quality. And that applies to the eating utensils & cooking tools we supply. All of our plates, bowls & cups are manufactured by Rice & supplied by SKiN&BLiSS Rice are an amazing company from Denmark who make quality tableware & have sustainability running thorough their DNA.

Both of the Campervans available to rent at SKiN&BLiSS Campers feature Propex Heaters, as well as all the other Campervan Essentials I’ve listed above, to make sure your trip to the coast, country, festival or city-break is as comfortable as it can be!

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