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Head South This Winter

This summer has been a belter - so far anyway. So I'm sure if you have the time, then you'd love to carry the Summer Vibe right through Winter. No worries.....take one of our gorgeous VW Campervans, either Grape or Rhubarb, down to Spain this winter. We've introduced a great deal for Wintering in Spain - only £1250 per month or £350 per week that inc. all your insurance, VAT, bedding & you can even leave your car with us for FREE (where nice like that). Click here for more information

So before you go heres a few tips on Wintering in the South of Europe.

The Algarve in Winter

1. Plan your route

Know where you'll be spending the night....nothing worse driving round the local town not knowing where the best wild camping site or looking for a campsite. Remember it gets dark early. If you’re not familiar with the overnight destination then plan your day to arrive in daylight.

2. Book your campsites now

NO really get booking now. Camspites in Southern Europe fill up quickly over the winter. Buy a copy of Camperstop Europe...lists sites throughout Europe & don't forget your ACSI low season discount card

3. Head for the Sun

The Algarve is certainly the warmest place over winter & few people use the heating system in their Campervans even at night!!

4. Pack Your Credit Card

Use a credit card for larger payments, particularly fuel, you will get a better exchange rate than cash. Arrange for the credit card account to be paid by direct debit so you don't default on paying it off.

5. Reduce your 'Lecky Bills

You will save a huge amount in energy bills. Eight weeks in Spain from mid January to mid March virtually halves our total annual bill and goes a very long way to offset the cost of the trip.

6. Stock up on Water

In winter the water supply on some Campsites may be closed. Carry enough water for a few days. Waste facilities including toilet cassette drains are always available.

7. Spare Change

Keep a ticket machine fund, suggest €20, with 10, 20, 50cent and €1 coins. Machines rarely give change or take notes although credit card payment is increasing. Can be a problem when the bank or atm has issued high value notes. The ferry money desk may change a note to get you started.

8. Be Savvy With Fuel

Use large supermarkets for ‘better value’ fuel and fill up when pay booths are manned and popular credit/debit cards can be used. At the 24/7 pumps UK cards may not work. Avoid refuelling on Sundays, pay booths are invariably shut.

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