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Gower Peninsula

Only a 4 hour drive from Essex, the Gower Penisula offered far more than we ever expected. About 70 square miles in area, Gower is known for its coastline & the VW T5 surfers love it...even if the weather was inclement to say the least!!

This is how the gorgeous beaches of Gower look on a good day....park in the car park above Rhossili Beach. Throw on the surf shorts and head down to the sands. The VW Campervan will be there waiting for you when you get back with cold beers or hot chocolate. In our case if was definitely hot chocolate!!

Gower has many caves, including Paviland Cave and Minchin Hole Cave. The peninsula is bounded by the Loughor Estuary to the north and Swansea Bay to the east. The southern coast consists of a series of small, rocky or sandy bays, such as Langland and Three Cliffs, and larger beaches such as Port Eynon, Rhossili and Oxwich Bay. The north of the peninsula has fewer beaches, and is home to the cockle-beds of Penclawdd. Once you've exhausted yourselves in the surf head to the Mumbles to what was our fave restaurant on the trip...Castellamare Italian. It's an absolute must!!

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