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Bounce!! Below @ Zip World

A long weekend in Wales they said...what in April. In the wet dank Welsh mountains...absolutely. And guess what, it was amazing!! Four days of high octane, proper pepsi max activities!! And only 4 hours 30 minutes from Essex!!

Zip World Bounce Below is an underground adventure in Blaenau Ffestiniog. It is made up of six enclosed bouncy nets connected by walkways and slides, with a huge bouncy net spiral going from the bottom to the top! It's immense fun in all weathers, for adults and kids alike! Following a massive refurbishment in 2016, the Bounce Below experience now offers four new industrial slides, the height of two double decker buses and six new levels of bouncing fun, giving underground adventurers 400 additional square metres to explore.You enter a network of enormous caverns hidden underground, once home to a working Victorian mine, and now brought back to life as the only subterranean playground of its kind, offering a unique adventure in a beautiful and historic location.

Bounce Below

And the fun doesn't stop there......only a short drive from Bounce Below & we're heading up the mountain again, this time to strap in & scream down the hillside on the coaster!! The Welsh Toboggan.......hurtles down at whats seems like breakneck speed (but its actually more like 25mph). Make sure you book both as they make for an excellent PEPSI MAX family day out!!


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